I am in pursuit of excellence

By Sivananda Elicherla |

I pursue excellence in every aspect of my life. I try to do things correctly the first time and give my full effort. I avoid taking shortcuts whenever possible. Shortcuts…


I am an Inspiration to Others

By Sivananda Elicherla |

Each day, I am the best person I can be. I live a healthy life and make good choices. I am kind to everyone I meet. Though I may have…

I Discover More About Myself Each Day

By Sivananda Elicherla |

Like everyone else, I am a compound and multi-faceted individual. I currently enjoy many talents and gifts, but I have many more that are untapped. I frequently surprise myself with my…


I Expect the Unexpected

By Sivananda Elicherla |

Much of my success in life depends on how I deal with unexpected events. I know that there are many surprises in store for me. I am flexible and resourceful.…

I am Liberated from My Self-Limiting Beliefs

By Sivananda Elicherla |

I know that beliefs can drive behaviour. Therefore, I critically analyze my thoughts. I see the world in a positive light. I only entertain ideas that are in line with…

I Produce Exceptional Results Under Pressure

By Sivananda Elicherla |

I deliver high-quality results when I am under pressure. Even with the chaos around me, I am able to remain calm. When faced with ultimatums and targets, I am able…


I Deserve to be Happy and Successful

By Sivananda Elicherla |

  It is my right as a human being to be happy. I look forward to getting up each day and facing the world. This outlook brings greater joy into…

I Demonstrate My Appreciation to Others

By Sivananda Elicherla |

My life is full of blessings. My family members help me when there is a need. My friends enrich my life in some way each day. It is important for…

I Rise Above My Circumstances

By Sivananda Elicherla |

I strongly feel that my circumstances are temporary. I know that each day brings new challenges and experiences. I avoid holding on to today’s circumstances and allowing them to dictate…