I Rise Above My Circumstances


I strongly feel that my circumstances are temporary. I know that each day brings new challenges and experiences. I avoid holding on to today’s circumstances and allowing them to dictate my state of mind.

When great things happen, I experience joy and move on. I avoid dwelling in the bliss of a moment because I know things can change unpredictably. I keep the joy in reserve for when I need to handle the rough patches.

I elevate my thinking beyond what is happening to me at the moment. With negative situations, I remind myself that they are temporary.

My ability to maintain positivity provides a great example for others. I remind them that each loss at a sporting event or any other competition provides an opportunity to learn something new.

My family life is healthy and happy because I encourage positive thinking. I spend time with my family talking about the things we are thankful for. Those moments build the character needed to make it through challenging times.

There are times when I feel down. I believe that difficult times are necessary to help me work towards preventing them from happening again. I always learn the lessons from hardships that come along my way.

Today, I look at my circumstances as learning experiences. I take each one and use it to build me up for the next. I commit to overcoming life’s setbacks and rising above my circumstances.

Reflect on below to turn adversities into opportunities:

  1. When the outcome of situations is adverse, how quickly am I able to find an alternative?
  2. How does having a positive attitude help me to tackle life’s setbacks?
  3. Why do disappointments sometimes cause me to lose hope?

Action Tip: Keep a tab on circumstances that led to losing the hope in the past and won’t let that happen again in the future when similar instances re-occur and strongly believe in a maxim that “Hope is not only light you carry within; it is also what often carries you through.”



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