I am Connected to My Inner Power



I want to live my best life possible; I take responsibility for everything I do. “It is up to me to achieve at work, pay attention to loved ones at home, and put aside time for my social life.” I keep a strong focus on myself, ensuring that my body and mind are in optimal states.

I realize that, as long as I maintain a strong sense of my personal power, I can do anything I put my mind to.

When I want to excel at work, I make specific decisions about how to show my talents to others.

Enjoying healthy, joyful relationships at home is true evidence of how well I am centred within myself. When I protect and nurture those emotional connections, everything in my life falls into perspective.

The confidence and quiet peace that I experience today largely due to the fact that I stay in touch with my inner strength and personal responsibility.

Today, I plan to tap my power within and use it to live a fantastic life.

Reflect on below to establish a connection power with-in:

  1. What can I do each day to stay more in tune with my personal power?
  2. How strong is my sense of personal responsibility?
  3. Who is my role model in exhibiting a strong sense of power? What do they do differently to have a healthy connection to their own power? How does it help me to leverage my true potential within?

Action Tip:   Be in touch with your inner energy to take control of your life. Take full responsibility for your actions and results to enjoy life with grace without worry.


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Sivananda Elicherla

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