I am the Architect of My Life



Each day, I let myself imagine what ultimate success feels like. By remaining positive, I keep my motivation high.

I have the final say on where my life goes. “I know where I am now, and I am heading exactly where I want to go”. I am sure of my ability to get from point A to B. I am in charge of my life. When the winds howl, I hold on to my blueprint tightly.

Sometimes, life throws me a curveball, but I remain calm. I take stock of each situation and keep my focus on what I am building for myself.

I take responsibility for my errors in judgment. By owning up to my slip-ups, I give myself every opportunity to grow from them. I forgive myself and resolve to do better in the future.

I review my accomplishments at the end of each day and evaluate my progress.”I realize that every action I take either pushes me away from my goal or draws me towards it.” Although I strive to do my best, I know that perfection is an illusion. I am okay with that, because trying my best is good enough.

Today, I choose to review and prioritize my goals. By keeping the end in mind, I can make huge strides towards my objectives. I am creating the blueprints for my future.

Reflect on below to design your life better:

1. Which of my behaviors conflict with I want to accomplish?
2. How can I ensure I set realistic goals?
3. In what ways do I reward myself for achieving my goals?

Action Tip: Know the purpose of your life. Set right goals. Have plan in place and take right actions which will help you to become the person always you want to be.



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