I Live the Life that I Desire



The number of choices I must make each day is incredible. It is totally up to me to decide how I spend my time today.

 When I wake up each morning, I consider my clothing and other elements of my personal appearance very carefully. How long I work or study, whether I exercise and for how long, and my social activities are all up to me.

I can work my hardest, run fastest, and play with great exuberance simply because I choose to. I can read an entire book, take a two-hour walk, or work a ten-hour day.

Each day, I am given many gifts which come to me in the form of choices.

My power to create the life of my dreams is phenomenal. Changing the direction of my life is up to me. I realize that how my life proceeds now and, in the future, depends on the choices I select today.

Even though I sometimes struggle with the options before me, I still rise to the occasion. I consider what I really want and go for it.

Today, I am focused on the choices that lie before me. Although the options may seem irrelevant at the time, I know that what I decide to do each day determines the very fabric of my existence. I love my life because I choose to live it in my own way. I am truly blessed.

Reflect on below to live the life that you have chosen:

  1. How do I feel about how my life is going?
  2. In what ways do I consciously make choices to create the life I want each day?
  3. What choices can I make to ensure I live the life I desire?

Action Tip: Introspect and watch whether you are living the life that you desire and choices that you make are in line with your life objectives.



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