I Have a Charismatic and Dynamic Personality



I am happy with myself and want to share everything I have with the world. I am at ease and comfortable with others.

I view all social interactions as opportunities to enjoy myself. I find pleasure in sharing my thoughts, experiences, and personality with others. I encourage them to do the same.

People take pleasure in spending time with me and seek out my company. I possess a certain magnetism that others find irresistible. I find myself surrounded by good and motivating people. My social life is very active.

I am charming. I find it easy to interact with others and make them feel comfortable. I have an interest in their lives and encourage them to share their experiences with me.

I know how to make others feel good about them. I quickly put others at ease, and they enjoy this experience. I show them that they also have a magnetic and dynamic personality.

I embrace the individuality that makes me unique. This is the thing that makes me special. Being just like everyone else is boring and hides my traits from the world.

Today, I am free to be myself. I treat others with kindness and respect and allow my magnetic and dynamic personality to shine through.

Reflect on below to have a dynamic personality:

  1. How can I strengthen my social skills to become more charismatic?
  2. Do I feel free to be myself?
  3. Do I make others feel good about them? How do they respond to that?

Action Tip:   Take 360°assessment on your social skills at your workplace or with-in your friend circle to fine-tune your personality.



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