I Live in the Present



I firmly believe that “Life only exists in the present” and in the present moment, there is peace. I stay focused on the present because I know I can only live in the present.

The future is uncertain. When people think about the future, they worry. The past can also be a source of pain. When looking back at the past, it is common to feel regret. This is unnecessary. The past is gone and done. I can learn from it and release it.

When I find myself trying to live in the past or the future, I focus on my surroundings. I see with my eyes and listen with my ears to be present in the present moment. I feel with my body. I focus on whatever I happen to be doing. By bringing my attention to my environment and my activity, I can always live in the present moment.

Mindfulness is a big part of my life. I am always aware of my actions. I avoid daydreaming or thinking about the past or the future. The present moment provides everything I need for successful living.

I take the time to meditate each day. This greatly improves my focus. I find it easier to accomplish things when I maintain a clear focus.

Today, I live in the present. I am free of the past and future. I am free to live today.

 Reflect on below to be in the present:

  1. Do I spend too much time thinking about the past or the future?
  2. How much more could I accomplish if I kept my mind in the present moment?
  3. How can meditating help me to live in the present?

Action Tip: Spend at least 10 minutes every day for meditation for inner exploration and solitude, to be aware and conscious about the state of your being. Make use of present to overlook the past and build the future.



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