I Expect the Unexpected


Much of my success in life depends on how I deal with unexpected events. I know that there are many surprises in store for me.

I am flexible and resourceful. I’m alert and watch out for new opportunities to expose myself to new challenges. By keeping a positive attitude, I can manage the change.

Events are often beyond my control. What matters is how I choose to respond. I can turn any scenario into an advantage. I learn from my mistakes. Each setback is a chance to do better the next time. I assess my performance and prepare myself for future challenges.

I show gratitude for the miracles that I stumble upon each day. My ordinary morning seems extraordinary when I hear bird chirpings, the rising sun. My family members amaze me when they teach me how to ask questions and recover swiftly from disappointments.

I learn to see situations in a new light. I realize that there are many ways to approach difficult situations and goals.

Disruptions enrich my life. They provide the ground for transformation. I always discover hidden strengths.

Today, I embrace the element of surprise. I remind myself that my supreme pleasures and most valuable lessons come from unexpected sources.

Reflect on below to be ready for unexpected:

  1. What happens when I am not equipped for the unexpected?
  2. What is one surprise that changed my life for the better?
  3. How do unexpected events expand my thinking?

Action Tip:  Invite and experience the unexpected joyfully often to make life more vibrant.



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