I Deserve to be Happy and Successful



It is my right as a human being to be happy. I look forward to getting up each day and facing the world. This outlook brings greater joy into my life and helps me to be an immense success.

I deserve to experience the good things in life. While there are many things I have yet to achieve, I know I am closer each day. I pursue happiness in many ways.

I surround myself with people that love and appreciate me. I have friends that are fun and interesting. I spend my free time in ways that I enjoy. 

I find the positive things in life everywhere I look. I can always find a reason to be happy.

I do good things and try to help others, too. By making others happy, I know that I deserve great happiness as well. I am worthy of happiness. 

I have goals and review them daily. I know what I want and I am willing to take the necessary actions to make it happen. I visualize my success daily. I deserve to be successful and to enjoy that success.

Today, I am looking for even more reasons to be happy. I deserve to be happy and successful. I know that even greater success is right around the corner. 

Reflect on below to be happy and successful:

  1. Am I clear about what I want to accomplish in life?
  2. Am I taking action to achieve success in my goals?
  3. Do I believe that I deserve to be happy?

Action Tip: Appraise whether you are happy about your accomplishments? Besides, ensure that you are taking the right actions to achieve success in life.


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