I Discover More About Myself Each Day


Like everyone else, I am a compound and multi-faceted individual. I currently enjoy many talents and gifts, but I have many more that are untapped. I frequently surprise myself with my immense capabilities. This experience keeps me enthusiastic.

I look forward to discovering all that I have to offer the world and myself. As I realize my gifts, I recognize the numerous gifts that everyone else has to offer. I am more open to discovering new talents in myself and remain humble and open-minded.

I know I have many perspectives and preferences of which I am unaware. I find myself interesting. I want to know more.

I smile at myself every day. I can laugh at myself as I discover my traits. These silly characteristics make me unique and lovable. 

I try new things and introduce myself to new people regularly. New activities and people create opportunities to discover more about myself.

I like to reflect on how much I have grown over the years. I am encouraged to continue growing and evolving. It excites me to consider what I might experience. I wonder how powerful I can become.

Today, I look forward to discovering more about myself. I want to experience something new today and use that to unlock a new talent. I am committed to learning more about who I am.

 Reflect on below Questions to realize your potential:

  1. What do you know about yourself today that you did not 5 years ago?
  2. What new activity would you most like to experience?
  3. Do you need to add some new people to your life to fully grow into the person you could become?

 Action Tip:  Unleash the potential with-in by exploring and trying out new activities that you would like to explore in your lifetime. 



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