I spend the time to do whatever I love every day



The pace of life keeps me busy most of the time. When my day is hectic, it is really challenging to partake in my favourite activities. Still, I ensure that I experience carefree moments during busy times.

During slow, relaxing days I know I can spend some time engaging in activities that bring me joy and excitement. I enjoy special events the most when the going is hectic.

I am creative in my efforts to do what I love. I use my break time to walk in the sunlight or read a chapter of a great book. In the evening, while dinner is prepared, I work on a crossword puzzle or do yoga. Before going to bed, I watch television to relax and replenish.

Rather than sitting around without much to do, I capture idle moments for my own pleasure. I am truly happy because of sparing some time to work on my favourite activities into my daily life.

I experience joy each day because I take pleasure in the moments I spend doing whatever I want. Today, I carve out some special time to immerse myself in activities I love.

Reflect on below to do what you love:

  1. How do I spend my time each day? When was the last time I engaged in an activity that I love to do?
  2. Are there any activities that I think about doing but never do? If so, what are they?
  3. What times during my day could I spend doing my favourite things?

Action Tip: List down all the activities that you have been longing to pursue and start spending some time every day to keep yourself motivated.



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