I am Naturally Outgoing



I love interacting with others. My exuberance bubbles from inside me and overflows out into the world. I enjoy making new acquaintances.

When I extend my hand to new acquaintances, I feel confident that I can find something to talk about with them. I understand that others may be more hesitant to reach out. Or they are too shy to speak up and initiate a conversation. It pleases me to know that I can do something special to help others feel more comfortable and appreciated.

Even with those I already know, I am the first one to initiate a conversation.”Being outgoing is one of my strongest personal characteristics.”

The primary step in being outgoing is sharing a friendly smile and making eye contact with others. I know that a real smile begins with my eyes and can be heard in my voice.

I find that the ability to be outgoing at work helps others become more relaxed around me. “Even though work can be stressful at times, my outgoing nature ensures I remain calm and comforting to others.”

Today, I make an extra effort to reach out to those around me. Whether I know them or not, I can be friendly and show acceptance. My life is richer because I am outgoing.

Reflect on below to be an outgoing personality:

  1. What person in my life do I consider to be outgoing and why? Do they have characteristics I would like to emulate?
  2. In what ways do I demonstrate that I am outgoing?
  3. How can I further cultivate my outgoing nature?

Action Tip: Be proactive in social life. Be an outgoing personality to make new acquaintances by interacting with others around you in the college, office or in family gatherings often.



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