I Demonstrate My Appreciation to Others


My life is full of blessings. My family members help me when there is a need. My friends enrich my life in some way each day.

It is important for me to express my gratitude to others for their kindnesses.

As I think of those close to me, I am thankful for the wonderful feelings and memories I have shared with them.

I recognize how lucky I am to have such wonderful human beings in my life. I let others know how much I appreciate them.

I show appreciation in many ways. I say “thanks” in an e-mail or text. Sometimes, a phone call or personal visit is in order. At times, I thank others by giving them a small gift or inviting them to lunch.

Expressing my appreciation brings me joy. It also brings positive feelings to others.

Today, I show how much I appreciate what others do for me. They deserve recognition for their assistance. I let them know how thankful I am for their presence in my life.

Reflect on below to appreciate others:

  1. How do I currently demonstrate my appreciation toward others?
  2. Do I think it is important to show my appreciation when others do something for me? Why or why not?
  3. What are some additional methods I can use to show others that I appreciate them?

Action Tip: Forget not to appreciate your colleague or a friend who has done something for you. Also, appreciate N.G.O’s or individuals who contributed to the society unselfishly.


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