I am Continually Growing and Developing



I choose a life of growth and development while others might be content with living the same way day after day. Life is short, and I want to reach my full potential.

I value new opportunities and experiences. I love to learn! It is only when I change myself that I can change my life.

There are many beautiful and amazing things in the world. I want to learn and experience as much as possible. I feel rejuvenated as I become a more complex and complete person.

“I schedule time each day for my development and I stick to that schedule”. I do this each night before falling asleep.

I use my free time constructively. I have a list of skills and experiences I desire. When I have a free moment, I use that time to better myself. I know that a little time each day can have a huge effect. I am free from time-wasting activities.

I am excited about who I am becoming. Each day, I take another step closer to realizing my full potential. But I also enjoy the process. “The journey is just as important as the destination”. I enjoy spending time on my personal growth.

Today, I seize the opportunity to grow and develop. I am using my time efficiently and effectively. I am consistently growing and developing.

Reflect on below to chalk out your self-development plan:

  1. What is my plan for accomplishing my goals and who can help me?
  2. What would I like to learn and experience?
  3. How am I currently wasting time on a regular basis?

Action Tip: Spend at least an hour to acquire a new skill that you wanted to be an expert at or pursue a hobby which will make your life more exciting and worth living.



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