I Draw Unwavering Happiness Into My Life



When I am happy, I am able to make others happy. Knowing that I am a force of happiness for others pushes me to make my own circumstances happy.” I am convinced that the ultimate goal for mankind is to be happy.”

I confront those that make my life weak. I find ways to change the situations for the better because I refuse to let negativity into my life. I eliminate people or situations from my life when they fail to bring me joy.

When I have tough decisions to make, I ask for assistance. I know that sometimes I am unable to see what is causing my unhappiness, and the perspective of a third party helps paint a clearer picture.

I know that other emotions try to cloud my judgment. But I try my hardest to distinguish between true happiness and those other “feel-good” emotions. There is often a fine line between them.

Happiness is energizing and it allows me to stand up to life’s challenges.

Today, my happiness is non-negotiable. My mission is to make the most of the life I have chosen. I can only truly fulfil the needs of others if there is unwavering happiness in my own life.

Reflect on below to make the life large:

  1. How can I change a negative situation into a positive one without removing it from my life?
  2. In what ways can I help my friends and family understand my commitment to happiness?
  3. How can I ensure I am looking for happiness in appropriate ways?

Action Tip: Be happy and make others happy. Be your own source of happiness which keeps you motivated all the time and help you to be a great human being who lives the life on his own terms with a unique style.



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