I Produce Exceptional Results Under Pressure


I deliver high-quality results when I am under pressure. Even with the chaos around me, I am able to remain calm. When faced with ultimatums and targets, I am able to maintain a clear head.

I practice separating external factors from internal ones. I recognize that I am unable to change the external factors; hence my only focus is to work through them.

At the office, I am often faced with pressing situations. When I am required to expedite a proposal or deliver material on short notice, I change my strategy during the execution.

I create a priority list and stick to it. I ensure everyone is aware of the order in which I plan to complete my assignments. I avoid worrying about an item until I get to that point on the list.

Giving my unbroken attention is a good way to ensure successful task completion.

When I have limited time, I concentrate even better. I focus all my energy on whatever I am currently working on. 

I recognize the significance of meeting deadlines while maintaining quality. I also ensure my tasks are completed accurately. I strongly believe that they go hand in hand.

Today, I aim to produce high-quality work, even if I have a short amount of time. I pledge to block out the external factors I am unable to control. I think that working well under pressure is an excellent ability to develop.

Reflect on below to tackle the pressure:

  1. How do I respond when I am under pressure?
  2. Why am I sometimes inevitably drawn towards external factors?
  3. What personal sacrifices do I sometimes have to make to deliver the work within tight deadlines?

Action Tip: Evaluate your performance under pressure to make sure that you are able to produce outstanding results under stress.

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