I Let go the Past



I let go of memories that would hold me back, and put the past to rest. I feel liberated when I release the past.

I come to terms with loss. Life is full of changes. I make the most of my experiences and relationships while they last. I am comfortable with beginnings and endings.

I extend compassion for those who may have harmed me. I try to understand their position and wish them well, even if I disagree with their actions.

I learn from my blunders. I forgive myself and move on. Taking sensible risks may sometimes expose me to errors. However, chasing valuable opportunities is more satisfying than refusing to try at all.

When I put the past behind me, I am able to face my feelings. I examine my thoughts to see if they serve my current interests. I am open to changing my viewpoint.

I live in the present moment. While I focus on the here and now, I plan for the future. I devote my energy to creating positive change and I am hopeful about what lies ahead.

I slow d and pay attention to my senses. I ask myself if I am seeing a situation realistically or whether my vision is distorted by previous experiences.

Today, I release myself from the past and welcome new adventures.

Reflect on below to let go the past:

  1. How does accepting the past help me move forward?
  2. How do I distinguish between letting go and giving up?
  3. Where can I find the courage to stop clinging to things just because they are familiar?

Action Tip: Release yourself from the past and welcome new adventures into your life as to move forward. 



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