I am Directed by Standards I Set For Myself



There are times I encounter situations that test my integrity. I know it is easy to give into temptations that promise a better life. But I think first of my beliefs. I prefer to achieve success in an honest way than to compromise my beliefs.

I recognize that my mistakes help me to determine right from wrong. I embrace the person I am because every trait I have serves a purpose.

I make an effort to help others set standards for themselves. I let them know the importance of standing for something.

I know I can fall for anything if I neglect to define my standards. “I treasure my friendships, but I avoid allowing them to dictate my actions.” My friends and I have similar traits, but I prefer to be bound by my own standards.

Sometimes my standards seem unpopular. But popularity is less important to me than having peace of mind. I remain peaceful and set a positive example for others when I act according to what I believe.

Today, I am focused on maintaining the standards I set for myself. My mission each day is to act according to those standards. I believe that sticking to my beliefs helps to make me a stronger person.

Reflect on below to gauge your belief system:

  1. Do my standards change based on changing circumstances in my life?
  2. How often do I end up questioning whether my beliefs are worthwhile?
  3. Do my children make decisions based on standards I help them to set for themselves?

Action Tip:   Ensure you are a man of values rather a man of success by following your own standards.  



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