Sivananda Reddy. Elicherla

I’ve been helping individuals, students and professionals for the past 5 years to make a positive shift in their personal and professional lives. I’ve done masters (M.S) in Counselling and Psychotherapy and I’m a certified Life coach and master spirit Life Coach. As I strongly believe in continuous learning, I have learned NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programme) way of coaching by obtaining the NLP practitioner and wellness coach credentials.

I have worked with numerous multinational organizations and played many leadership roles in the IT sector. My craving for personal excellence and people empowerment knows no limits and my energy levels and unique style of delivering the coaching programmes always amazed my clients and motivated the audience to lead a remarkable life.

I have authored and published a book with the title “Live Like A Legend” which offers 56 life-transforming affirmations for people who aspire to lead a legendary life.

I’ve contributed to the newspaper (Hans India) by publishing self-help articles and a voice-based answering platform (Vokal) by answering various questions related to life, studied and relationships through voice. 

My hobbies include Listening to Music, Reading and Travelling. I would also love to cook and test my taste buds by tasting different recipes. Last but not the least; I’m a yoga freak who practices meditation and other yoga kriyas without fail every day.

About Me