The 10 Commandments to Tap Your Motivation



Do you agree with me that “Nothing Great Was Ever Achieved Without Motivation…?” I’m sure you would. Then where do you think the reservoir of motivation lies…? The answer is very simple. It resides within you and me intrinsically.

As the saying rightly remarks that “It is within yourself that you will find the strength that you need.” Intrinsic motivation can help you live better and accomplish more. This blog offers commandments that aids you to take more satisfaction in everything you do rather than depending solely on external motivators. These 10 commandments will help you to set your own course and live a fuller life.

1. Identify flow of experiences: You’ve probably heard about flow. Those are the occasions when you get so caught up in what you’re doing that you lose track of time. You enter a blissful state where everything seems effortless. Anything effortless is joyful. So, identify those experiences that keeps you moving without much struggle and makes your time productive.

2. Set specific goals: Learning and progressing are essential to keeping an activity interesting. Give yourself measurable targets and timelines to aim for. Goals set the right purpose for you to head in a right direction and help you to avoid the distractions.  

3. Take on new challenges: Stretch your abilities by venturing into new areas. Put yourself to the test with something that’s demanding but within reach. Rehearse a new piece of piano music or prepare to take part in marathon or walkathon that supports a social cause. Do remember that “You are stronger and capable than what you think.”

4. Streamline your schedule: On the other hand, you may also benefit by removing some tasks from your to-do list to make more time for things that are most important to you. Always, focus on what you want rather getting distracted.

5. Participate more intensely: Sometimes a boring task can be transformed by turning it into a game when you participate more intensely by throwing yourself completely. Burning desire is the essential ingredient for unlimited motivation.

6. Clarify your purpose: Ask yourself why you’re doing something. For example, it’s easier to exercise when you remember that you want to lose weight. Make sure that, any activity that you undertake have a purpose which either enhances you or others.

7. Radiate enthusiasm: A positive attitude will make any activity or task less stressful. Smile and look on the bright side. For example, if you must do something that you don’t like, find a reason to laugh while doing it. Remember, growth and discomfort co-exist.

8. Exchange feedback: We can all help each other to feel motivated by being willing to share constructive feedback. Seek and provide tactful and timely feedback to your friends and family members on how to get better. This would be the biggest motivating factor to unveil your best version.

9. Get adequate rest: Building regular breaks into your schedule also keeps you motivated and in top condition. Make time for play and reflection. Stick to a consistent bedtime and take naps if you need to supplement your overnight sleep.

10. Serve others: All work becomes more joyful and fulfilling when you view it from the perspective of how it helps others. There are certain careers and activities that lend themselves to this. Maybe you do volunteer work in your community or colony. Assisting others is motivating!

Welcome more fun into your life by letting your passions drive you. Even helping mother or spouse in the kitchen, playing with kids will become more satisfying when you align your daily activities with internal sources of motivation.

On a Closing note, would like to remind you a famous insight by Waldo Emerson that “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” So, tap your motivation within to do meaningful work to transform your life and others who surround you.


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