Do You Want to be Happy? Avoid these 8 Killer Negative Habits



What do you think that wrecks your happiness…? Have you ever thought about the root causes…? In my opinion, a prime root cause for unhappiness is habits. You believe it or not, your happiness depends on the habits that you exercise daily. If you observe, habits that make you happy are positive ones, let’s say gardening, practising yoga in the morning, reading a book or listening to music etc. Many of these habits make happiness indescribable.

On contrary, negative habits life mentioned below can make you miserable or unhappy. You’d be surprised how much joy you can feel when you eliminate these habits. Changing your habits isn’t easy, but it can be done if you’re committed. I strongly believe in the fact that “if you want to make a remarkable change in your life, change your habits.”

As the anonymous saying states that “you must master your habits, or they will master you.” If you want to be happy then, say “No” to these killer negative habits and enjoy greater happiness.

1. Engaging in negative self-talk: There’s no reason to make life even more challenging. Pinch your negative self-talk in the bud and replace it with something positive. Surround yourself with people who are optimistic and infuse positivity in your life.

2. Comparing yourself to others: Know that everyone has their own unique strengths, weaknesses, and challenges. If you want to make a reasonable comparison, compare your current situation to your situation 5 years ago. If you’ve made progress, celebrate. If you haven’t, figure out why and act accordingly to reach your goals.

3. Beating yourself up over mistakes: Mistakes are a daily part of life. Learn from them and move on toward a brighter future rather beating yourself up. It’s not wise to depress about past, instead move ahead with the positive outlook. Make every mistake a stepping stone for your success and happiness.

4. Saying “yes” to every request: Most of us need a little down time to regenerate. By saying yes to everything, you rob yourself of this important time. You’ll also find yourself spending time on many activities that you simply don’t enjoy. Learn to say “no” when necessary, especially to the activities and gatherings that give you neither joy nor any other benefits.

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5. Blaming others: Believing that someone else is a cause of the difficulty you’re experiencing is harmful because you lose control. If you believe that your situation is your own doing, you have the power to fix it. Regardless of whom is to blame, it’s still your responsibility to handle it.

6. Stop impressing everyone: You could be perfect in every feasible way, and someone will still criticize you. There’s no way to impress everyone. Instead, focus on making yourself happy and surround yourself with those who are happy for you.

7. Always wanting more than you have: If you’re homeless, it’s natural to want a home. But if you have what you need, wanting more can be a source of stress and frustration that leads to limitless misery. Strive for more if you like but be reasonable and be contended.

8. Trying to change too much at once. Human beings are remarkably adaptable in the long term. However, it’s very challenging to make major changes in the short term. Make smaller changes in your life and build upon them. You can’t change much in a week, but you can make major changes over a year or more.

On a final note, evaluate your habits and determine which are negatively affecting your ability to enjoy life. Happiness might be closer than you think, because…” Your habits create your life.”



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