10 Powerful Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence in 2019


As we all know that self-confidence is the key to lead remarkable life both personal and professional front. However, at times when you feel confused, unsure, and lacking in self-confidence. It could happen at work, at home with family, or even when you’re with friends or neighbours.

Therefore, it’s important to boost your confidence to effectively sail through life situations and create a world of yours. As Dalai Lama rightly remarked, “With the realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.

To reveal your new-version in the up-coming new year by tapping your true potential, here are top 10 powerful statements that you can recite to back on track when your confidence is drooping away.

  • My self-confidence will bounce back like it usually does – Remember a past incident where you may have hit a bump along your journey, and you recovered from it diligently
  • I will re-discover my personal strength – It takes courage to admit to being unsure about what to do in a tough situation. But acknowledging my low confidence can lead me to having the strength to move forward one step at a time
  • I have a lot of positives in my life – It’s always helpful to reflect on high points of my existence. I tell myself that positives may largely exist because my choices and actions. Connecting with that thought will build up my confidence.
  • My life is full, I’m bound to experience lagging self-confidence – The more enriched my life is, the more likely it is that low confidence will occur. I know the fact that, it’s impossible to be on top of the game one hundred percent of the time
  • I’m allowed to feel however I feel – Being human, my thoughts or emotions will get better from time to time. So, I would like to give myself a break
  • I can take some time to figure this out – I dare to take some-time away from the confidence-reducing situation to think it through to leverage my confidence levels
  • My confidence has been strong during many important life events – I always remind myself that my confidence has been there whenever I needed it.
  • I have what it takes to live a productive life – I know that I possess the very essence of inner strength, courage, and confidence to think and create.
  • I am successful – Thinking positively will boost my confidence all the time.
  • I can seek out guidance if I wish – If my confidence reaches such a low that I’m struggling to go forward, I’ll seek guidance from my friend, colleague or even coach if I like. It’s always helpful to receive some pointers from those familiar with fluctuating confidence levels.

Refuse to allow a momentary lag in confidence to bring you down. You’re in control of your feelings and choices. Determine and take a pledge to utter these statements to yourself to boost your confidence when needed. You’ll be on top of your game once again.

On a closing note, I would like you to ponder upon Henry Ford’s outstanding insight that summarizes the self-confidence in one sentence that – “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.


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