8 Brilliant Ways to Take Back Control of Your Life


Do you get frustrated often when life isn’t going your way? Or let me ask a different question, do you expect life to happen the way you want? If your answer to either of these questions is “YES” then it’s worth reading this blog as to take back control of your life. 

I have come across an interesting question somebody asked someone to “Describe his life in one sentence” and the other responded in a brilliant way saying that “My Entire Life Can Be Described in One Sentence…Well, that didn’t go as planned.” 

What would be your response if you were in his shoes..? Probably, you may have responded differently. However, very few people are great at getting themselves worked up into a state that’s anything but empowering. When things get challenging, we need all of our resources to be at our disposal if we’re really going to turn things around. Because “Everything in life doesn’t go as planned…This is Life, Not a MOVIE…”

When life takes its own turn, you should empower yourself to make every adversity of life as an opportunity for improvement? You should always remember that you have the power to overcome negative thoughts and emotions to bring about positive change in your life.

Here are the best guidelines to regain some control over your life:

  1.    Be assertive: Sometimes you have to declare what you want. At times you have to say ‘no’ to others to work on something significant. You don’t have to be selfish, but there’s nothing wrong with making a decision and then making it happen. Many of us are simply too inactive to ever accomplish anything noteworthy.
  1.    What’s holding you back: Why aren’t you already living your life the way you choose? What’s and who is preventing you? What are you afraid of? What can you do to work around these challenges? Make a plan to get past this struggle.
  1.    Stop making excuses: Excuses limit you and prevent you from taking charge of the situation. If you believe that something is outside of your control, you also believe that you can’t do anything to change it. If you can take responsibility then you can change the situation. Excuses give you a justification for being passive. 
  1.    Do the First things first: Spend the first hour or two each morning on the most important tasks you have for the day. Your focus and energy will be at their greatest to make use of every day in the best possible way. If you welcome your day with a smile then the rest of the day unfolds delightfully.
  1.    Disregard other expectations: The whole world seems to tell us what we should be doing. What would you do if you were free of all of those expectations? Choose for yourself for a change and work towards your dreams and goals instead of trying to meet others’ expectations.
  2.    Make a list of your greatest strengths: If you’re going to take back control of your life quickly then you’ll probably need your strengths to accomplish it. Think of ways that you can leverage strengths to your advantage.
  1.    Think about your greatest weaknesses: These are commonly the things that get us into trouble. What you can do to reduce the impact of your weaknesses while you are working on to take back control of your life.
  1.    Take Action: After all of the above steps, you know what you need to do. It’s time to do what needs to be done. You can’t sit back and dream that life will turn around dramatically. Do remember that, “Unless you do something, nothing would change.”

Having said that, my dear Friend, “Action Changes Things.” A few steps each day become quite significant and help you to get your life on track smoothly. Get started today by taking the first steps, because the world is just sitting there, patiently waiting for you to take control of your life.


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