Be True to Yourself to Accelerate Your Motivation



How many of you being true to yourself and not lying…? I am sure; no one is an exception in the world. We lie to ourselves on a daily basis. These lies cover up your perceived shortcomings and prevent you from taking risks. As the saying goes The most dangerous lies are the lies you tell yourself.” Don’t you agree with me…? Do you know the damage that you are causing to your life and do you aware of the consequences? Let me tell you that ultimately, these lies limit your life and your ability to enjoy it fully. So, it’s time to nurture the habit of being true to yourself as to accelerate your motivation.

In fact, these lies serve the purpose of making us feel better in the short-term. An unknown author rightly remarked that “A lie may take care of the present, but it has no future.” Nevertheless, this can be tackled very easily by being aware of the instances or situations where you are lying to the self and fostering the habit of being true to the self.

Avoid lying to yourself and start living on your own terms by unleashing your potential.

1. I do not have a choice: We all have an unlimited number of options available to us at any time. You might not feel brave or capable enough to consider them all, but you do have options. Consider what advice you would give to a friend in a comparable situation or assume what your most capable friend would do. Can you do the same?

2. If I do X or Y, people will think less of me: Though it is hard to believe, no one cares. Everyone is too preoccupied with their own lives or else wondering what your opinion is of them. If you believe you are worthy, you will not have these types of thoughts. You are good enough to do and say what you want. Go by your intuition rather driven by others opinion.

3. It is too late for me: People have been graduating from colleges and pursuing studies in their 60’s. You might have read news about 80-year old successfully climbed Mount Everest. Do you still think you are too late? Many things become less convenient as we get older. For example, it’s more challenging to go back to school when you have a family and a full-time job compared to a single, 20-year old. Please remember that challenging and impossible are completely different things. There is no age bar to raise your horizon.

4. Anything short of perfect is a failure: If you must be the best at something before you’ll try, you’ll never get off the couch. Most of us do not have the potential to be the best at anything, but we can all be pretty good at just about anything. However, it requires time and effort. Do you really need to be the best? That’s another sign of feeling unworthy.

There’s no reason to be competitive with everything you do. Enjoy yourself

without worrying about how well you’re doing. Just start doing it, “progression is

important than perfection.”

5. My ability is limited to accomplish anything: It has been said that learning to walk and talk are far more challenging than anything else anyone has ever accomplished. You’re probably saying to yourself, Well, everyone can walk and talk.” Exactly. You’re infinitely more capable than you need to be. You may have a few issues to resolve, but your innate capability isn’t one of them.

We are masters at deceiving ourselves. We lie to the person in the mirror in order to protect ourselves – to make us feel better. Avoid giving up your future to appease your emotions in the short-term. Try it out! You could be the next marvel of the universe! Because “Being true to yourself never goes out of style.”


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