8 Powerful Brain Hacks to Start Living in the Moment



Have you ever felt exhausted with too much anxiety? Then, you must have been thinking about the future. As saying goes, if you are depressed then you are living in the past by regretting what had happened and if you are worried then you are thinking about the future. Don’t worry, you are not the only one suffering with anxiety in this world, 95% of the people are in the same mental state as you are. This article walks through the powerful hacks to start living in the moment.

If you really think, it’s impossible to enjoy life at peak without being fully aware of the present moment. Life can only be lived in the present.

Living in the present moment keeps your motivation levels always up. Often our minds are preoccupied with multiple things, none of which is occurring right now.

This loots our joy by not allowing to enjoy those small beautiful things that happen around us in day-day life. For example, have you experienced the warmth of the Sunrise and pleasantness of the full moon in the recent past? Of course, these days cell phones and selfies also come in between to not to experience the present moment at its fullest.

Our minds are very active and constantly attempting to break free to occupy themselves with the past, the future, and pure fantasy. While it’s good to prepare for the future and learn from the past, focusing primarily on the present has many benefits.

As our elders always quote that if you can use the present moment well then that will shape the future as you expected.

Why don’t you give a try by practising below to live in the moment and be present with your life?

1. Avoid worry:  Worrying can only happen when you look to the future. Keep your thoughts on your present environment and your current activity. You can’t worry if you leave the future alone. If you take care the present moment then future is taken care. In fact, the present is assuring the future in a way, if you do the right thing in the present moment then the outcome in the future is delivered as expected.

2. Avoid regret: Regret arrives while thinking about the past. The past is over and no longer exists. You bring your past mistakes to life by thinking about them. What can you do about spilt milk? It’s always better to think about the due course rather regretting about the past. Let bygones be bygones.

3. Avoid multitasking: Try doing one task at a time. You’ll find you perform the task faster and at a higher level. Let multitasking be a thing of the past. Single-tasking is much more conducive to living in the present. If you are not able to say “NO” to multitasking in professional workspace then you may have to deal with it meticulously. However, try to shift from multi to single tasking when you deal with real-life experiences.

4. Forgive: When you hold a grudge, the only one suffering is you! Anger is distracting and keeps you from enjoying the current moment. As they say, hatred is more powerful than love, all of us must learn to forgive others to be peaceful and pleasant. Moreover, forget not that error is humane and mistakes are building blocks of life. Let’s follow the motto of “Forgive to Forget”.

5. Go slowly and consciously: Rushing creates a unique type of anxiety. Give yourself the time you need to enjoy the current activity. Address one task at a time and give it your full attention. Quality of conscious moving towards life and while attending the day-day activities certainly makes us joyful and to be at the moment.

6. Spend 5 minutes of each hour to be with a present: Take 5 minutes and describe to yourself everything you see, hear, smell, and feel. It’s an effortless way to bring your mind back to the present moment and keep it there. There’s no way to complete the exercise without being mindful. If you can’t practice this every hour, try to repeat for at least 2-3 times in a day.

7. Turn off electronic gadgets: Cell phones, computers, iPods, and gaming systems distract you from the present moment. Find your enjoyment in your life rather than in an imaginary world. Does it look impossible? Certainly not, start applying this technique for few minutes initially then you can increase the duration by making a rule – “Use As Required” at least at home to be with your family and parents.

8. Under schedule: Too many obligations results in a crowded schedule and time concerns. It’s not easy to stay focused on the current task if you’re worried about being on time for the next one. Leave space between your obligations. Do less and experience more. What a mantra – experiencing more by doing less. This principle simply sums-up all other principles discussed above as to help you to live in the present and lead a remarkable life.

So, avoid missing out on your life and losing so much time to the past and the future. Living in the moment is a habit and a skill. Indulging in worry and regret are also habits. While it’s not possible to live entirely in the moment, life is more enjoyable and meaningful when your focus is on the present. Thus said, focus on the present and enjoy the presence of living in the moment.



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