7 Great Benefits Why Being Alone Make You Stronger and Greater



Are you afraid of being alone…? or Are you getting bored being alone…? You need not answer that question because the answer is certainly “Yes” for 90% of the people because most of the time they found themselves either alone or lonely despite having everything and everyone around. As Sadhguru rightly remarked, “If you are alone and you are getting bored, obviously you are in bad company.

Although you have plenty of things you’d like to accomplish, getting focused and staying that way seems to be a challenge when you’re alone. Are you wasting precious, solitary hours that you could be spending more productively?

Let’s look at few opportunities of transforming the boredom into benefit while being alone.

  1. Do whatsoever you want: Being alone means you’re completely in charge of your decisions. How often does that happen? You get to select what you want to do each hour that you’re without company. Think of it as being rich with time. Being alone means, you have time to do anything that you have ever wanted and you’ve been putting that off from a long time.
  2. Start some soul-searching: What do you want out of life? When you’ve thought about the life you want to live, you’ll be more likely to obtain it. Spend some time considering what’s important to you and what you hope to accomplish in your lifetime. Having extra alone-time means you can create the very life you desire.
  3. Become truly good at something: Nothing makes us feel better than to know that we can do at least one thing really well. Maybe for you, it’s playing the guitar, doing yoga, or writing a book. Whatever it is, spend some of your solitary time practising to become the best you can be at something. It’ll be a great confidence-builder.
  4. Set a goal and accomplish it: Now, that you have no distractions, take some time and set one or two goals. Write them down. List the steps you’ll need to follow to achieve each goal and check off each step as they’re completed. Being alone can be a boon as you have the power and time to make even your wildest dreams come true.
  5. Take up a hobby you’ve been considering: Maybe you’ve had a secret desire to participate in a certain activity that appeals to you. What’s stopping you? At least, make a call of inquiry about getting involved or observe people engaging in the activity. Always bear in mind that, work pays offs than being a worry.
  6. Read more: Reading will broaden your horizons and make you a more interesting person. Read what you already love or try a new genre. If the reading has been less than appealing at home, go to the library and pick out a book on a subject that interests you. Select a classic novel, a biography of a celebrity who is of your interest, or a how-to book.
  7. Exercise to become fit and resilient: If you’re alone a lot, then you have plenty of time to get in the best shape of your life. Design your own exercise strategy. Include a schedule for when you’ll exercise and the type of exercise you’ll do. Then follow through. You can even change it up to keep it interesting to becoming the healthy, vibrant person you’ve longed to be. Exercise will pay-off the results to be fit and resilient. 

When you’re alone, you have an abundance of time to spend in ways that bring you the opportunity to learn, achieve, and enjoy your life. As a famous saying goes “Standing alone doesn’t mean I’m alone, it means I’m strong enough to handle things all by myself”, Relish the time you spend alone. It gives you the power to do anything you want. So, start enjoying your company to be stronger and greater. Your time is now!


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