7 Commandments for Ultimate Satisfaction in Life



Do you want to take more satisfaction in everything you do rather than depending solely on external stimuli? Satisfaction in life is everybody’s major goal. However, very few people can steer the life towards ultimate satisfaction by investing their time and effort in right way. As the saying goes “Happiness and Satisfaction must ultimately come from within oneself.” So, you must be willing to organize your day-day activities efficiently and involve totally with whatever you do to achieve ultimate satisfaction in life.

Here are 7 commandments that you can follow to accomplish more success and satisfaction in your life. Besides, these will also help you to set your own course to lead contended and full-filling life.

1. Clarify your purpose: Ask yourself why you’re doing something before you decide to invest time and effort. This will set the right direction and emphasize the purpose of the task or activity which you are going to undertake. For example, it’s easier to exercise when you remember that you want to lose weight.

2. Set definite goals: Having definitive goals help you to remain focused to achieve something essential to your satisfaction. Give yourself measurable targets and timelines to aim for. While you pursue your goals, remember that learning and progressing are also essential to keeping an activity interesting and motivating.

3. Take on new challenges: Extend your abilities by venturing into new areas. Put yourself to the test with something that’s demanding but within reach. Try attempting to learn a new musical instrument or do something interesting which helps for your personal and professional development. Do remember that “Growth and comfort do not co-exist.”

4. Radiate enthusiasm: Positive mental attitude will make any job less stressful. Start your day afresh with a positive note and with an activity that motivates you and keeps your enthusiasm throughout the day.  Smile often, share lighter moments with friends and colleagues to radiate enthusiasm with-in and in the environment that you work.   

5. Streamline your schedule: On the other hand, organize the tasks by prioritizing the order in which you wish to execute. Because effective time management is the cornerstone to lead the life more meaningfully. For instance, it can easily put into practice by removing some tasks from your to-do list to make more time for things that are most important to you.

6. Get ample relaxation: Relaxed mind achieve more than noisy. Building regular breaks into your schedule keeps you motivated and make your day more productive. Also, make time for play and reflection. Stick to a consistent bedtime and take small naps if you need to supplement your overnight sleep.

7. Serve others: All work becomes more joyful and fulfilling when you view it from others perspective in terms of how it helps them. There are certain activities that lend themselves to this. Maybe you can associate with local non-government organizations and participate in social welfare activities by volunteering. Assisting others is not only motivating but also enriching your life with a humane touch.

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That said, welcoming more fun into your life by letting your passions driving your gratification is a cornerstone for ultimate success in life. As the saying goes “The best way to ensure you achieve the greatest satisfaction out of life is to behave intentionally.” Therefore, always try to turn your inspiration into action to achieve ultimate success in life. Decide now to “Wake up with a determination and go to bed with a satisfaction.”


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