7 Effective Strategies to Achieve More When You’re Not Motivated



Motivation can be an issue for many of the people. While motivation is great, there are many things in our lives that need to be done, regardless of whether the motivation is there to propel us.

At times you may feel low and not motivated enough to do any task at home, workspace or even enjoy your favourite holiday spot. That’s when you need to know the secret to turn de-motivation into motivation and achieve more. It really doesn’t matter whether we’re motivated or not motivated, life must be on.

Try remembering a day where you haven’t brush your teeth because you are not motivated enough to do so? or count number of days that you starved without breakfast because you are not motivated? Hardly you can find such instances because you would do them anyway, as the consequence of not doing them is so uncomfortable.

But it works. Isn’t it? Perhaps, you would be doing such mundane tasks not with much enthusiasm or with negative motivation. However, negative motivation usually won’t work when there isn’t an immediate negative consequence. For example, it’s easy to put off exercising and to sit on the couch instead.

As Wayne Dyer rightly remarked “Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever must be done, it’s always your choice.” It’s your call to make the wise choice to turn any situation in your favour.

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If you want to live a remarkable life, then you must learn to turn every negative situation into a positive opportunity. As they say, “What’s the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable.” So, what’s important is to create a system that makes your activities more appealing and motivating.

Here are few tips that you can practice to achieve more when your motivation is low:

1. Action-Freeze Period: Accept the fact that you might not “feel” like taking action as the best athletes in the world don’t always feel like training and the most successful business people in the world don’t always feel like going to the office. Observe the action-freeze period when you are exhausted with day-to-day tasks and take out some-time to recharge yourself along with the friends and family.

2. Change working style: Most of us keep living the same day over and over. If you want your life to change, then you will have to take some changes the way you work. Imagine how you’ll feel if your life is the same next year. So, change your working style to see transforming results.

3. List out most important actions: Make a list of activities that produce greatest results for you and makes your life exciting. Ensure that, you will better at these activities as you sail through since these activities not only define your success but also meets your life purpose and fulfilment.

4. Create a schedule: What are you going to do each day to make your fascinating future come true? When are you going to do the activities that you have identified in the previous step? During what part of the day are you the most productive? Create a schedule that can help you to prioritize and start your day easily and accomplish what you want effortlessly.

5. Reward yourself: When you successfully stick to your schedule and meet the deadline with the positive outcome then reward yourself without fail. You could go to a movie at the end of the week or head out to your favourite restaurant. This will certainly put you on track as it motivates you to expand your horizon all the time without losing motivation.

6.“Punish” yourself: Create some additional motivation by setting up a punishment if you come up short and not able to accomplish any planned task. Maybe you’ll have to mop the floor, you’ll go run a mile or try helping others to achieve. These little sentences will help you to be healthy, fit and life rewarding while keeping your motivation intact. Make tough decisions today for better future tomorrow.

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7. Assess Yourself: What did you do well? What could you have done better? Start over tomorrow with your analysis to guide you. You must remember that “continuous assessment results in continuous improvement.” It’s very important to assess yourself on day to day basis to achieve self-mastery, personal excellence and produce remarkable results.

Motivation is great, nonetheless, if we all waited to be inspired by someone, little would ever get accomplished. Learn to get started and be “self-motivating.” Get things done and your success can serve as an inspiration to you and others around you.

On a final note, I would like to recall a famous insight that rightly put this thing into a perspective that “Real difficulties can be overcome; it is only the imaginary ones that are unconquerable.” So, try your level best to achieve more when you feel low and demotivated.


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