8 Incredible Strategies to Like Yourself



Do you like yourself…? I expect indisputable answer from you, a big “YES”. If the answer is “NO”, then it’s time to reflect and figure out the reasons behind. The prime reason why you should like yourself is that, “YOU” are the world. If you don’t like yourself, then world around you really don’t make any sense. When you like the person you are, the world around you become more alive and life affirming. In addition to that, making life choices becomes easier as you trust your own judgment and making the right choices consciously. When you like yourself, you will recognize that you have the power to create whatever it is that you want for yourself and live the life the life you want. As Walt Disney rightly remarked “The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.”

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Believe strongly that self-love isn’t selfish, it’s important ingredient in life while designing your life the way you want it. As the saying goes “love yourself like your life depends on it, because it does.” Life will be more promising when you like yourself as it fosters the required amount of motivation and vigor to the life.

Try these strategies to raise your self-esteem to life the life you want by liking yourself incessantly.

1. Stay in tune with your thoughts: Notice when you’re thinking negatively about yourself and you are distressed. When you can identify the types of situations in which you tend to put yourself down, you can then do something about them.

2. Squeeze unhelpful thinking: After you take notice of the situations that trigger those negative thoughts, you can set out to stop such thoughts or at least divert them. You can do so by developing your own imagery technique and practice it as required to handle the negative thoughts.

  • Imagine a stop sign and tell yourself to “Stop Negativity Now.”
  • Visualize that you’re in the park, mall or your grandmother’s house, where you always feel relaxed and self-assured.
  • Another way to suppress unwelcome ideas is to seek out something positive in the situations you find challenging. For example, if you feel you’re socially incompetent, go to social gatherings and start conversing with others by asking questions about their work or hobbies. You’ll likely find some common ground for a great conversation.
  • Learning to stop negative thinking increases your self-confidence and emphasizes that you choose your own path to design your own destiny.

3. Know your strengths: Reflecting on what you’re good at frequently, will help you see that you’re cherished, important, and helpful to yourself and others. List everything you can think of that you do well. If nobody sings like you do, write it down. If you consistently win at cricket, include it.

Make your list grow longer and longer. Keep adding to it. Challenge yourself to add one strength a month to your list. As your list grows, so will your motivation and positive feelings about yourself.

4. Spot your unique talents: You’re a truly unique individual, spot your unique talents in you to amaze yourself and others. Embrace these special talents with the care and attention they deserve. Plus, there’s likely someone out there looking for the off-beat talent or knowledge you hold.

5. Accept yourself totally: Learn to accept the parts of you that you’ve tried to reject in the past. See those less desirable aspects as insurance that you’re a member of humanity. Total acceptance of strengths and weaknesses helps you see that everything in life has a delicate balance and all parts of you create the very special “you” that you are.

6. Stay focused to live your best life: Although it’s wise to be aware of your less than positive aspects, focusing on the good things will help you excel and continue accomplishing your goals. Keep moving ahead with unwavering motivation and enthusiasm to live your best life.

7. Make every day count: Every morning, make the decision to be in a “good mood.” It’s a lot easier to accept who you are when you feel good about this day. Open yourself to the possibilities around you every day and make it count by taking the right action to march towards your goals.

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8. Set goals that you want to accomplish: Rather than working toward what your parents or friends think you should do, explore within yourself what you’d like to work for in life and then go for it. Do remember that “Life is a lot more fun when you choose what you want.”

Having known that liking yourself soar your motivation and self-esteem high to lead remarkable life. Also, allows you to share with others all the good you have in your heart. And the more you do, the more positive energy you have flowing in to your life. Set out today to put these tips into action. You’ll enjoy your best life ever! On closing note, don’t forget to “Eat like you love yourself. Move like you love yourself. Speak like you love yourself. Act like you love yourself.”



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