4 Motivational Ways to Help You Make Tough Decisions



 Life is tough – and you must be tougher than life to change it. When it comes to making decisions that take you out of your comfort zone, it can really be emotionally annoying. Nonetheless, life gets toughest when you aren’t willing to make tough decisions at the right time while sailing through the waters. As Anthony Robbins rightly remarked that, “Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent, and committed decision

Have you ever reflected on below statements while you are making tough decisions?

I think I do better when things are little tougher
I think, the tougher the challenge the better

If the answer is “YES”, then you are truly motivated and ready to make any tough decisions along the way.

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If the answer is “NO”, then it’s time to make a little tougher decision now to follow below-mentioned steps that will help you to make toughest decisions with confidence to lead an amazing life. I’m reminded of an adage in this context that “Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.”

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1. Consider the alternatives: When a tough decision appears overhead, you know there’s always an alternative. It’s probably easier to go with that alternative and save yourself from the stress and distress.

  • If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll realize that the tough decision may be the best decision from a moral standpoint. It’s hard to go wrong when you go the moral route!
  • Avoid making decisions that are not worth making and not really aligned with your life purpose and goals.

2. Look at the outcome: Typically, tough decisions work out for the better in the end. But you may be worried about others who may not be pleased with the decision. If you ask me, that’s none of your business. The toss up is between two glaring options. One is, “do you want to continue in a less than favourable situation?” and the other is “do you decide to make a change for the better?”

  • A wonderful way to justify making a hard decision is to look at the outcome. Do you see yourself in a more positive situation after you make this decision? Can you envision life being less stressful and successful?
  • Evade living according to the goals of others if you want to be truly happy. Always remember, what you’re trying to achieve in life and make your decisions based on your goals.

3. Think outside of your comfort zone: Remember that life, in general, tends to be uncomfortable. While you would prefer otherwise, it’s a reality you must face every now and then. When you train yourself to be comfortable with discomforts then those tough decisions become easier.

  • Nobody likes to be uncomfortable, especially for extended periods. But that’s what you’ll be if you avoid making the tough decisions when it’s necessary for your well-being and to the people around you.
  • If you know something is right, aim to block out all the noise and listen to your conscience. Then go with that decision howsoever tough could it be.
  • At times, you may end up losing friends in the process of making those decisions. But you may gain so much more as a result too as you decide to do what’s truly best for you. Consider peace of mind, a clear conscience and genuine happiness. These can all be yours when you decide to.

4. Limit the Advice of Others: I know, you would consult your friends and family members in most of the scenarios before you make a life-changing decision. Advice is very helpful. However, if you consider everyone’s then it can easily cloud your judgment. So, it would be wise to go with your gut when making a tough decision. That decision would make more sense if go with your conscience as its aligned with your goals and objectives.

  • When you start to hear several different opinions, you will be confused. Of course, you can be courteous to everyone offering their suggestion. You may want to respectfully listen to everybody who’s trying to help. But listen with one ear!
  • It’s possible to hear the advice and not take it to heart. It’s also possible to weigh everybody’s advice and filter the ones that aren’t helpful.

So focus on the task at hand, it can help you achieve whatever you wished for. If the result of your decision betters your situation and supports your goals and conscience, then you can be confident that you’ve made a wise decision – even if it was tough. On a final note, I would like you to ponder on very popular saying that “One of the hardest decisions you’ll ever face in life is choosing whether to walk away or try harder.”



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