Why do I need coaching?

Coaching helps you to overcome the challenges on your way forward when you lost the way and get stuck and looking for someone to lean on to get the right assistance.

What’s my investment in coaching?

Commitment, open-mindedness and willingness to take action attitude is very much essential for the successful coaching engagement. success rate purely depends on your investment.

Would coaching help me to get what I want?

Yes, of course. Provided you are committed and passionate towards what you want.

What’s the age limit to get coached?

Though there is no thumb rule for the age limit, 18-55 yrs is the ideal age for coaching. Nevertheless, age is only for body but soul.

How does coaching differ from counselling/therapy?

Coaching helps you to identify the right solutions for you since no “one size fits for all” unlike counselling/therapy where solutions are given by the counsellors/therapists.

What role does coach play in coaching?

Coach plays a vital role in building the co-creative relationship and works with clients to realize their true potential and help them to achieve what they want.

Am I qualified for coaching?

Absolutely. There is no qualification required for coaching except that you are physically and mentally fit and should be able to understand and heed the coach instructions.

When do I sign up for coaching?

When you are ready to invest and act consistently towards realizing your true potential to experience life in a different dimension.

How long any coaching engagement lasts?

It varies by an individual to an individual as the coach needs to plan the coaching sessions according to the needs of the individual (s). However, any coaching engagement would last between 6-8 weeks.

How coaching sessions are delivered?

Coaching means can be over the phone, Skype or one­one. The choice is left to the individual and also depends on proximity where the coach and client reside.