I Keep Balance in my Life 

By Sivananda Elicherla | February 4, 2019

I maintain my balance, even when life is pulling me in different directions. Staying balanced allows me to feel peaceful and grounded. I identify my priorities and use them to…


I Can Embrace Change Joyfully

By Sivananda Elicherla | January 15, 2019

I have all the resources necessary to make a positive shift in my life. Everything I need to transform my life is already at my fingertips. Changing is the basic…

I Live the Life that I Desire

By Sivananda Elicherla | December 10, 2018

  The number of choices I must make each day is incredible. It is totally up to me to decide how I spend my time today.  When I wake up…


I spend the time to do whatever I love every day

By Sivananda Elicherla | November 25, 2018

  The pace of life keeps me busy most of the time. When my day is hectic, it is really challenging to partake in my favourite activities. Still, I ensure…


I Have a Charismatic and Dynamic Personality

By Sivananda Elicherla | October 25, 2018

  I am happy with myself and want to share everything I have with the world. I am at ease and comfortable with others. I view all social interactions as…


I Pay Attention to My Intuition

By Sivananda Elicherla | September 21, 2018

  My intuition has always led me in the right direction. I sincerely believe in my gut instinct and I use it for me make wise decisions. I always follow…


I Discover Hope Each Day

By Sivananda Elicherla | August 30, 2018

  I discover new sources of hope all the time as change is inevitable. Struggles take place, important people in my life come and go and unpredictable events can momentarily…

I am Connected to My Inner Power

By Sivananda Elicherla | August 3, 2018

  I want to live my best life possible; I take responsibility for everything I do. “It is up to me to achieve at work, pay attention to loved ones…


I am Continually Growing and Developing

By Sivananda Elicherla | July 6, 2018

  I choose a life of growth and development while others might be content with living the same way day after day. Life is short, and I want to reach…