I Discover Hope Each Day

By Sivananda Elicherla | August 30, 2018

  I discover new sources of hope all the time as change is inevitable. Struggles take place, important people in my life come and go and unpredictable events can momentarily…

I am Connected to My Inner Power

By Sivananda Elicherla | August 3, 2018

  I want to live my best life possible; I take responsibility for everything I do. “It is up to me to achieve at work, pay attention to loved ones…


I am Continually Growing and Developing

By Sivananda Elicherla | July 6, 2018

  I choose a life of growth and development while others might be content with living the same way day after day. Life is short, and I want to reach…


I Draw Unwavering Happiness Into My Life

By Sivananda Elicherla | May 24, 2018

  When I am happy, I am able to make others happy. Knowing that I am a force of happiness for others pushes me to make my own circumstances happy.”…


I am in the Right Place

By Sivananda Elicherla | May 1, 2018

  When I look at my life, I know that I am in the right place. Everything I have ever done has brought me to where I am now. There…


I am Naturally Outgoing

By Sivananda Elicherla | April 20, 2018

  I love interacting with others. My exuberance bubbles from inside me and overflows out into the world. I enjoy making new acquaintances. When I extend my hand to new…


I choose Joy

By Sivananda Elicherla | March 28, 2018

  I choose joy, even during times of hardship. In every moment, I have all that I need to feel peaceful. I distinguish between joy and pleasure. “Joy is readily…


I am Geared Up for Whatever Greets me Today

By Sivananda Elicherla | March 20, 2018

  Each day is full of opportunities to grow and learn about me. I am constantly growing more capable. I strive to meet every unexpected obstacle in a relaxed and…

I am at ease with silence

By Sivananda Elicherla | March 10, 2018

  Silence provides the retreat. It gives me time for thought and meditation. Being at ease in silence requires that I love and trust myself and others. I find this…